Writing Prompt Challenge - Day 04

Day 4 - Write a story/excerpt to include the line, “Sorry, we can’t insure you for a journey like that.” ---------------

Apr, 28, 2016

Writing Prompt Challenge - Day 03

Day 03 - Write about the worst time you’ve ever put your foot in your mouth. ---------------------- “Only 6 miles to go…”....

Apr, 27, 2016

Writing Prompt Challenge - Day 02

Day 02 - Tell about a character who lost something important to him/her. ---------------------- Garrett clutches his forehead, trying unsuccessfully to prevent....

Apr, 27, 2016

Writing Prompt Challenge - Day 01

Day 01 - Select a book at random in the room. Find a novel or short story, copy down the....

Apr, 25, 2016

A Pledge to New Posts

So I want to practice my writing. I created this blog framework to give myself a platform to write, and I....

Apr, 25, 2016

I Made a Blog

Test post! I had a few things other entries written down that I'd planned to upload here, but after re-reading....

Mar, 16, 2016